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Set a powerful tone for your conference or event with a wildly engaging presentation designed to turn on the "growth mindset" and deliver tools to integrate the learning and turn it into action! 

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Your conference will be amazing.

90% of the information shared will be forgotten a week after the event ends.

...Unless you do 3 things.

1.  Give people mindset tools that expand their potential and turn on receptors for learning.

2. Deliver techniques to integrate and implement information on the job and in their lives.

3. Open your event with a highly engaging, empowering, and energizing experience.

(This is where Bronkar & Aaron can help)

Bronkar Lee & Aaron Williams first performed together onstage in a completely improvised moment during a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013. Interestingly enough, this was also the first time they met!


They bonded over their love for music and creative expression. But they also connected deeply with a passion for growth and a desire to inspire others to feel that same excitement and sense of possibility for expanding their minds and growing their skill sets.


They've performed, presented, and educated both together and separately over the years. Bronkar is a keynote speaker, facilitator, and musician (with a circus background) who has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, performed in Madison Square Garden, and appeared in a Super Bowl Commercial. Aaron is a virtuosic instrumentalist, acclaimed music educator, and YouTube star who has appeared in Coca-Cola's "America the Beautiful" Superbowl campaign and holds a Level 3 Certification in Orff Schulwerk pedagogy. Both Aaron and Bronkar have achieved internet fame with Mario on Marimba and Beatbox Dad (over 300 million views combined!)


All accolades aside, Bronkar and Aaron attribute their successes to the adoption of an expansion mindset -- using tools and techniques to learn and grow beyond limitations, tackle obstacles with powerful mindset shifts, and implement information so that it "sticks."


They believe every human being has the potential to thrive, tap into their own unique gifts, and be truly ignited by possibility.

Read more about Bronkar & Aaron >>

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Show, speech, experience - whatever you call it, Bronkar and Aaron are an incredible force of energy. Talented and easy to work with, they were a dream combo! Highly recommend to surprise and delight your audience and attendees.


Rachel Sheerin

International Director of Education

Ignited By Possibility

Build an empowering toolkit for growth, learning, and implementation

This wildly engaging keynote (full of stories, music, high-energy, and practical tools) gets your audience fully immersed in a growth mindset, excited and ready to learn. It also delivers actionable tools and techniques to take new knowledge back to the job (and to life) for better integration and implementation.


  • Embrace an expansion mindset, understanding the benefits of growth, development, and perspective shifts on information they already know

  • Gain techniques to reflect upon and integrate new information learned, for better retention and implementation 

  • Re-ignite a sense of ownership in the individual's contribution to the bigger picture, inviting new ways to leverage skills they already have 




"Infectious energy coupled with a strong message about the positive benefits of open-mindedness and a willingness to get outside the comfort zone and grow."


Gillian Jones

Director of Programming

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